I went down to my favourite café the other morning and for the second day in a row, the door was closed with no sign of anyone inside. It should have been open. I was worried that something might have happened. I live in a very small beachside town which...

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I have hundreds of life drawing stories. Each of them taught me something more about myself and the world around me. Like the time I was late for my very first life drawing class and scored the last place at the back of the room behind the male model who...

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LOVE in the broader context

Love will break your heart. It will make your heart burst with happiness ... swell with pride ... sink with disappointment ... and heavy with sadness. But always love is worth it. Because to be alive is to be in love ... with life itself ... with the people you...

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Last weekend our local arts organisation Mission Arts hosted a children’s workshop called Me, MySelfie & I from QAGOMA the Art Gallery of Queensland | Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. This has now become an event I absolutely love to be involved in. We have been so lucky over the past...

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The other day I was listening to a podcast interview with a well known and much loved Australian children’s author. Throughout the interview, as she detailed her stellar career over many decades, it struck me how fortunate she had been to have been fated the early opportunities she had. I...

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Dream Big.  

Do your best work.  

Be kind.  


And don't worry.

The joy is coming for you.

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My Little PopUp

I've been busy getting back on track again after my 3 month PopUp Studio Gallery experience. Wow! That was an opportunity I didn't see coming! "There's definitely a case here for just saying "yes" to your most spontaneous ideas ... don't think ... just do it!" It's not everyday you...

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What I'm Doing Now

It’s been 10 years since I began writing here at the blog. I remember how anxious I felt starting off. What on earth would I write about? Would I run out of ideas? How much is too much? How much is too little? It’s a fine line you have to...

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