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Paris Time

"Some days you just kind of ache for Paris. It’s not Paris itself of course. But what Paris means in your heart. Some places grow fonder in your memory because you were there and you struggled [with the strangeness… the language… the people… and the place] alone… but not lonely… happy in a gentle sort of way and about as content as anyone alone in a romantic city like Paris could be. 

Paris is a place in your heart.

And no matter where you go… how far you travel… or wherever in the world you eventually end up… somehow the memory of it never leaves you"

On final into Charles de Gaulle airport

I arrived in Paris the day before yesterday after a 26 hour journey.

Now 16,547 kilometres from home I am once again home in my heart.

That’s the funny thing about Paris… returning always feels like coming home.

This time my daughter Emily has joined me

We are here to work… to write… to paint… to collaborate… and to blend into this Paris of the heart.

Yesterday we walked in the rain under the plane trees along the right bank. We ate breakfast at Angelina’s and visited the Apple shop opposite the Opera and the infamous Orange store to get ourselves technologically reconnected with France.

With our new French phone numbers and a French Macbook charger we are now good to go.

getting creative waiting in line at the Orange Store!     

So grab your rose-coloured glasses… hit play on la vie en rose… and come along on a journey of the heart to the Paris I’ve come to know [just a little bit] and love… the good bits … the not so good bits… and the in between bits that just make you want to scratch your head and go “why?”

Paris is a journey of the senses… and I hope I never come to mine!

"You don’t need permission to see the world through your own pink glass. It’s okay. Make of it what you will. Get there however you can" 

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à bientôt !


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  • Jean Burman
  • artist studioaustralian artistfrancejean burmanparisparis sojourntravel

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  • Aug 10, 2014

    Jean – I love your descriptions. I know you love Paris , so just immerse yourself in all that Paris has & enjoy!

    — lynne

  • Aug 10, 2014

    Thanks Lynne :) still finding my sea legs after the long flight but we’ve walked miles already [over 13 of them yesterday] but that’s the thing I love about Paris you get to walk off the croissants as you go haha

    — Jean

  • Sep 05, 2014

    Hi Jean, love following your adventures, take care. Carolyn

    — Carolyn Lennox

  • Sep 10, 2014

    Hi Carolyn … so great to hear from you! Thanks for following along :)

    — Jean Burman

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