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The Tourist

I know. I know.

I didn't come here to be a tourist.

But with la Tour Eiffel just a few short blocks away who could resist?

After a short walk to the end of Rue Cler… we made a left into Rue de Grenelle and a right into Ave de la Bourdonnaise... and there she was just as I had remembered her. 

This huge monolithic bronze-coloured structure really is quite beautiful in its own right. 

But the thought does occur to me… if it were not such an iconic structure… would it still hold the kind of magic it so obviously does for the many thousands of tourists who flock here every day to see it?

When you pare down the mystique and look at the structure in rather a more prudential light… la Tour Eiffel could just as well be a pile of metal space junk that came hurtling to earth right in the middle of a field… right in the middle of a city.

In the middle of Paris… to be precise!

A place where dreams begin… or end… just like that… depending on your point of view.

Paris has always elicited "la vie en rose" loosely translated as “life in pink”

She makes you see things in a different light.

She sheds a glow over this magical place on earth… casting her pink light on all who walk her boulevards and avenues… and care to dream of a place such as this.

I have come to the decision that I could very easily live on Pont Alexandre III with it’s gilded horses and nymphs and water sprites… its 1900 style lamplights… and swags of gilded gorgeousness!

It’s wide enough to hold a decent sized street party on and convivial enough to stay all day and never tire of whomever you might meet.

Ahhh I love this place…. it’s just… so… darned… pink :D

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  • Jean Burman
  • australian artistbridges of pariseiffel towerfrancejean burmanparisparis sojourntravel

Comments on this post ( 8 )

  • Aug 12, 2014

    Looks great mum! Keep up the live coverage! ;)

    — Andrew Burman

  • Aug 12, 2014

    haha thank you Andy you’re just so great <3

    — Mum

  • Aug 13, 2014

    Lovely to read of your Paris experience. “Profiter de vos vacances” x

    — julie broadley

  • Aug 14, 2014

    Jean – you are looking like you fit right in circa the 1960’s – very Audrey Hepburn in Charade – Is there a Cary Grant around?

    — Nancy Lee Galloway

  • Aug 14, 2014

    Merci beaucoup Julie :) I will x

    — Jean

  • Aug 14, 2014

    haha thanks Nancy you never know ;) I’d never heard of Charade but found a five minute snapshot on youtube [not sure if links will get recognised here in the comments but it seems like a good place to try] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sITmfA10IOY

    — Jean

  • Aug 15, 2014

    Thank you. Just came back recently, your blog made me cry,

    — Lyn Schimming

  • Aug 17, 2014

    Hello Lyn and welcome!

    Paris kind of does that to you don’t you think? I love it that we bring it home in our hearts…:)

    — Jean

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