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When It Rains In Paris It Pours

The last few days have been eventful.

Last night the bathroom door slammed shut with the wind and [somehow incredibly locked itself] leaving us without conveniences I’d rather not discuss right now [grin]

It took until midnight for three burly blokes [all tradesmen] to settle on the radically inspired idea to climb out the bedroom window shimmy along the outside wall and break open the door from the inside. 

Workplace Health and Safety would have had a field day back in Australia!

Yesterday we got rained on over a dozen times [you know that smart black umbrella I had and then put down somewhere and lost… well…] 

But such is the weather in Paris in August.

We had come expecting summer. You know… shorts… Tshirts… sunnies?

What we have is a version of Vivaldi’s four seasons. I’m not complaining though.

It's Paris. What are the choices?

Besides I love Vivaldi. And I love to walk in the rain. Especially French rain [it’s hardly wet at all and has a warm pink glow as it falls] [grin]

The slush doesn’t bother me at all splashing up on your jeans as you step inadvertently on that one loose cobble that half a bucket of mud has somehow mysteriously crept under.

The really great news is I am slowly sorting through my Rues Boulevards and Avenues and have taken the momentous decision to stop listening [at all] to that silly iPhone navigation lady who keeps blowing our cover in her loud aussie accent directing us up the wrong jardin path going round in circles before dropping out altogether right at the moment we were getting ourselves well and truly lost!

It’s an outrageous Orange conspiracy I'm sure [Orange is the local telecommunications company here if you were wondering] which just goes to prove that Apple and Orange might both be fruit but that’s where the similarities um... differ [if you know what I mean okay… it’s French et je ne comprende pas]

[this door doesn't fit in here at all!]

Moving right along ;)

Those who may remember how in the past I have been known to hurl errant cellphones into various duck ponds and fountains will be relieved to know I have so far refrained from tossing said navigation into the drink in somewhat similar fashion to that fabulous scene in Devil Wears Prada where Andy tosses her phone… and consequently her job into the fountaine de la Concorde [which ironically commemorates navigation and commerce on the rivers of France… no... seriously]

We managed to find the Musee d'Orsay... that was as easy as falling off a log

And we got to hang out at the Cafe Flore

And somewhere in the back blocks stumbled upon [thanks incredibly to a wrong steer from that infamous navigation] Le Bon Marche the oldest department store in the world where I found my very own department and my name up in lights [grin]

I’m doing well… really… I am.

I am writing… mmm maybe not so much painting… but the inspiration is flowing [in concert with the rain]


so in my very best Franglish…

c'est la vie en Francais au jour d'hui

au revoir for now mes amis x 





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merci beaucoup! 

  • Jean Burman
  • australian artistfrancejean burmanparisparis sojourntravel

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  • Aug 15, 2014

    I continue to enjoy your adventures. It is raining heaps in Cairns (&C’town which is where I have been this week) too, although this is our dry season. You will b missed tomorrow, although i know u wont have time to even think of us. Until next time……

    — lynne

  • Aug 15, 2014

    Thanks Lynne :) we can look forward to gorgeous September/October weather then! Have fun tomorrow [today there no doubt by now] say hi to everyone for me and I look forward to seeing you all soon my gorgeous Somerville girls xxx

    — Jean

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