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Je suis Jean

To get to the next chapter you must be willing to turn the page.

There you will find your own story – Jean Burman

That’s what I love about being an artist writer and creator of stuff. When the going gets tough the writer comes into her own.

She’s the hero of her own story and always gets to write the best endings!

Naturally she has the last word… mainly because she IS the last word [grin]

It’s a process… this thing called life. There will always be those who lift us up and those who let us down [however gracelessly]

We’re never really done with it until the book of life is read.

So until that day [come what may] I shall always remain the girl with the hopeful heart who knows for sure that she is travelling in the direction of her true purpose here.

And we all have one of those… [a true purpose… I mean]

Even though we might question the motives of the Universe for making unscripted plot changes to our storyline that we must struggle to write our way out of… 

But that’s okay… I’m up to the task!!

With a few edits here and there… writing out any character who ever tries to get in the way of and/or hurt our heroine in any wayeveragain… this chapter is pretty much in the bag [grin]

See you all over the page ;) 


[hugs go here] X

  • Jean Burman

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