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  • Jean Burman

 Because… when you find passion… and I don’t mean passion for something or someone… but passion for life… for that “state of being” where you live for love… where you give all you’ve got with no holding back… where you dig deep into your core for whoever it is that you really are… and give it over to something bigger than yourself… 

Passion is generous

 It gives and gives and never asks why

 It’s irrational

 It’s crazy

 It does things in the name of love

 It achieves things you never thought possible

 Passion gives strength to every single thing you do

 It gives commitment and meaning to life

 It never stops to think… or hesitates...

 and is all consumed in its driving purpose

 to love…


 Passion has guts and determination

 to go where others have loved and lost

 Without thinking for a moment about the cost

 Without ever wondering about what’s next

 Without ever needing to second guess.

 Passion gives undivided attention

to that which is adored in the extreme

 [an extreme that can’t be explained in rational terms]

 And finally… passion lasts when all else fades.

 It is the powerhouse that drives the human engine

 And the last thing standing at the end of life

 True and strong and still so sure of itself

 Having lived and loved to its fullest capacity

 and endured the worst that can happen…

 Passion is selfless

 It stands alone in the emotional stakes

 Driving the heart onward towards its ultimate goal

 To find that one true thing to hold on to

 So love can live on… long after the heart is gone

Jean Burman © 2014 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone 

Jean x



  • Jean Burman

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  • Feb 19, 2015

    Hi Jean, Yes, without passion, life would become stagnent and meaningless. It wouldn’t be worth waking in the morning! What a life that would be. Passion doesn’t have to be something BIG— simple joys are the best place to start—seeing the morning arrive slowly, whether the sun shines, or rain/snow falls— it’s like opening a letter from a good friend. (a surprise) A new day will never be quite the same as any other, and starting from that quiet beginning, you alone can make that day what it will become.

    We only need to be open to the choices each day will offer, then when that day closes, look over our shoulders and savor the memories we’ve made, following our own personal passions.

    Hugs, Anita.

    — Anita

  • Feb 20, 2015

    Beautifully expressed Anita… thank you x You are so right that passion doesn’t have to be big and it can and does start in the simple things. I wrote this as a call to arms against half-heartedness I guess. If we can feel passion for people and things and all that we do somehow the experiences we have are more real and more honest. I suspect that the world as a whole has lost some of its passion. We are being dumbed down by mediocrity and ordinariness. Without better expectations [without passion] we might remain that way forever. It’s a reminder I guess [especially to myself] that passion is at the heart of everything that’s meaningful and worth having… and that we shouldn’t settle for less.

    So lovely to hear from you… I hope your winter is slowly receding into a magical spring x

    — Jean Burman

  • Mar 01, 2015

    Winter’s not over yet—-negative 10 degrees F. yesterday morning, but this a.m. it was a positive 1.7 degrees, which is at least an improvement, and the sun is shining again. Spring will indeed be magical this year!!! :-) My little doggie is aching for a walk in the woods again, but with such deep snow, it will be a while before that’s possible for his short legs.

    — Anita

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