• Transcience
  • Jean Burman

TRANSIENCE ~ the state of temporariness, transitoriness, impermanence, brevity, briefness, shortness, ephemerality, short-livedness, momentariness, mutability, instability, volatility.

To leave the lightest footprint… we take to the sea and float. Drifting through time and tide and tempest… weightless against the elements… powerless against the sea… but strong in our resolve to just be.  

To drift… to dream… in a world of wonder and magic… a place of strange creatures and deep imaginings … far gentler than the world where gravity holds fast to the earth and grips all who walk upon her.

Nature is at peace here drifting weightlessly in a whispering dream world of endless possibilities. Water soft against the skin supports the body in liquid rapture held weightless by the ever-shifting molecules.

Nothing is forever.

Fluid is the passing of our days. Fluid are the waves that wash between our distant shores. Fluid is the way we walk throughout this earthly place.

Fluid is the liquid world that exists between heaven and earth. The silent world of gentle stillness wrapped softly around our days.

Jean Burman © 2015

I’m a huge fan of John O’Donohue the Irish poet author and philosopher. I first read Anam Cara in 2004 and the haunting lyricism of his words has never left me. When I was in Ireland in 2012 I happened upon his book Divine Beauty the invisible embrace  in the small stone cottage bookshop that stands at the top end of town in Kenmare deep in the country’s remote southwest.

That book changed me in ways I cannot fully explain. It filled me with a longing for words that fit together with consummate ease... and dance to the rhythm of the sounds they make as they run lyrically to the end of the page.

Therefore it is to this end that I dedicate this little piece of writing … such as it is… perhaps not up to the standard of J O’D but you might take it as an echo of sorts… words shaped by the influence and inspiration of others… perhaps no less worthy… but mindful also of their beginnings.

The painting I certainly struggled with!! It’s funny how [lately] words are flowing more readily for me than paint. But despite the struggles of my brushes… and the errant flows of watercolour paint… I felt a certain ownership of both processes this week. Not exactly conquering all however [not so hasty if you please] as in the end I lost out to the painting but I learned a lot… about my headspace and my heartspace at this particular time… and forgive myself for both and for not giving up… and for holding on until it was clear there would be no rescuing this one [grin] 

I’m looking forward to giving the painting another shot though… and will keep you in the loop when I do. Hopefully next time I will do better!

Oh and… let me know what you think about the piece of writing… did I achieve the goal of portraying weightlessness… fluidity… and how did it make you feel?  

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Jean x 


  • Jean Burman

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  • Mar 14, 2015

    No words nor sentiment more beautiful, were ever written…!

    — Emily

  • Mar 16, 2015

    you make my heart smile… thank you x

    — Jean

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