• Fair and Square
  • Jean Burman
Fair and Square

One of my earliest memories was learning what square was. My Dad had been building a new set of front steps for our house on the farm and he had planks of timber stacked across sawhorses on the front lawn.

One day as I stood watching him saw the timber with an old fashioned handsaw he asked me to pass him the square piece of wood he was pointing to over on the grass.

“Daddy what’s square?”

He looked a bit puzzled at first. Then with a look of realization sweeping across his face he put down the saw and came over and patiently showed me how the piece of wood had four equal sides… and that’s why it was called square.

I was three. I never forgot it.

Since then square has come to mean a whole lot of other things as well [grin]  

As time went by I learned even more about what it meant to be square:

  • what it was like to step out of it
  • how as a square peg you probably won’t always fit into a round hole
  • and whoever made up the expression fair and square was [more than quite probably] wrong.

Fair is not square!

Fair is round!

[Insert winky smile right about here]

What comes around goes around. Fair is the way you ought to be if you want to be treated that way yourself. There will always be someone out there who will try to stuff you into a very round hole when in fact you are a very square peg. As a square peg you absolutely don’t belong in a round hole! You don’t have to get all bent out of shape about it… you just have to be yourself… a beautiful square peg standing tall outside the hole someone once tried to stuff you into [grin]

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  • Jean Burman

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  • Apr 23, 2015

    Loved this!!! Maybe if your round self does not fit into a square hole—-you may become a STAR!!!! ;-)

    — Anita

  • Apr 23, 2015

    haha now there’s an idea I hadn’t considered ;) Yes. A star. Unusual shape… gets to the pointy end of pretty much everything… plenty of latitude in space !! Thanks Anita… happy you loved it :)

    — Jean Burman

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