• The Race Is With Yourself
  • Jean Burman
The Race Is With Yourself

Win humbly. Know that the pendulum swings... the yin has a yang… the ups have a down… everything has a flip side. 

Lose with grace. There are more lessons in losing than in winning. When you lose you grow a little bit taller. You become a little bit wiser.   You speak a little more humbly. You live a little more thoughtfully. You love a little more carefully. You remember the feeling and can readily help others who have lost something as well along the way. Your heart grows bigger and warmer because of it… and you’ll also have something to look forward to... winning ... some day when you’re least expecting it and it doesn’t matter anymore because you’ve forgotten all about whatever it was you were trying to win. 

The race is with yourself. 

You are already ahead of the game.

  • Jean Burman

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  • Apr 23, 2015

    I’ve never been a (very) competetive person—seems that if I move at my own pace, there is always a choice bit or two at the table when I arrive. If, at the end of the day I feel satisfied with myself, and I know I have done my best, I feel I have won.

    Winning does not bring one peace and fulfillment if one had to elbow others aside to achieve that win. In fact, there could be a lingering feeling of embarrasment and unease—disppointment with ones self.

    Once, I had the experience of noticing people on a tram at Disney World—when we reached the gate, I was shocked to see how many people pushed their children out in front of others, (and not gently)— eager (themselves) to be among first to enter. It made me feel sad to see the confused faces of those little ones.

    — Anita

  • Apr 23, 2015

    It’s just the world these days I think Anita… we are leading our children astray. Everyone is looking sideways trying to keep up when really all we need do is look to ourselves… to our own humble pursuits… our own small quests… which will always be enough because we are who we are and we all bring something different to the mix. The struggle to be like everyone else is the bane of our existence. It lacks imagination. It lacks insight. We are each and every one of us unique with our own special gifts to give. Why on earth do we feel the need to compete… to compare… to look sideways?

    Thanks so much for commenting!

    — Jean Burman

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