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Magic Beach

I look at the broad sweep of photographic images and realize that I have simplified my vision. That’s good. I needed to. I have come to love the open space here… the lovely transient light at the end of the day… and the mesmeric effect this place has on me.

I don’t ordinarily paint en plein aire but it’s cool enough now that the days are becoming shorter cooler and crisper. The challenge of painting outdoors in the tropics is often the extreme heat… the humidity… and of course the midges!

I'm happy to report that although the midgies didn’t get the memo yet… the weather has now cooled off enough for me to paint on the beach. I used seawater for these. By the end of the day I had sand in pretty much everything. The paint. The palette. The brushes. The water. The paper. The tote bag. The picnic rug. The car keys. The iphone. The list could go on! Why is there so much sand at the beach?

Hope you like these watercolour sketches 8" x 12" [done quickly before the midges carried me away!!]

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  • Jean Burman

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