• Jean Burman

2017 has been huge. It has taught me many things. It has presented me with [probably more than] my fair share of difficulties and challenges, but it has also shown me happiness in simple things and breakthroughs that might not have occurred otherwise.

Looking back ... all of that was necessary!

Now as we pause on the precipice of a new year... as 2018 yawns wide with expectations and possibilities... I sit and contemplate what has been, not knowing what comes next. I am at last growing used to the "not knowing what comes next".  It's a future none of us can know [not for sure anyway despite our best laid plans] but I am at peace with that!

I am learning to simply live each day, drawing from it as much as I can learn, accepting things as they are for now, and trying to remain open to happiness in the glorious moment to moment experience of this breathing in and out! 

I love it that my life has been distilled to this. I am alive, as I watch in wonder as a single raindrop slides surreptitiously down the spine of a wet leaf.  I am alive, as warm seawater washes over my feet, and a damp summer breeze blows in my face.  

No.  It's not perfect. But whoever said it would be?  Nothing ever is [not really] except in your heart, where everything can be as it should be, if only we would choose it.  

You have to let go of the world "out there" and embrace the world "in here". Your head and heart holds sway over every thought and action. Here anything is possible. Here everything is possible. And so ... as we head off into a brand new year I am reminded of my purpose here [and yours too if you're willing]  

Dream Big.  

Do your best work.  

Be kind.  


And don't worry.

The joy is coming for you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. I trust 2018 will be kind to you and bring you blessings in abundance. Much love. 

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  • Jean Burman

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  • Jan 06, 2018

    Thanks Jean! Joy is welcome here. X

    — Joh

  • Jan 06, 2018

    Dear Jean, your words are always so inspirational & I lovevreading your blogs. May 2018 bring you peace, happiness & good health & be all that you dreamed it would be ( not great English). Look forward to our catch – ups… Lots of love

    — Lynne

  • Jan 06, 2018

    Hi Joh! Great to hear from you! Your wish is my command… sending joy as we speak X

    — Jean

  • Jan 06, 2018

    Thanks Lynne for your lovely comment and “beautifully worded” best wishes for the coming year :) so very much appreciated X

    — Jean

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