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Last weekend our local arts organisation Mission Arts hosted a children’s workshop called Me, MySelfie & I from QAGOMA the Art Gallery of Queensland | Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane.

This has now become an event I absolutely love to be involved in. We have been so lucky over the past couple of years to have such great kids to work with and I hope my little video will give you some idea how much fun it was to be involved in this fabulous workshop.

Kids are great aren’t they? So fresh. Uninhibited. Direct! I learned heaps!

For the past year and a bit I have been volunteering (moonlighting) with my local arts organisation Mission Arts. So if you were wondering at all where I've been, that pretty much explains it.

It all started at yoga [oddly enough] where I met the President of the association who, when she discovered I could do stuff, invited me to teach.

By the new year I was on the Executive Committee, the Exhibition Planning Committee, the Hanging Team, as well as being the go-to graphic designer, photographer, videographer and social media contributor. I know. I know. [insert rolling eyes emoji here] :D 

But funnily enough I was onboard with all that. I enjoyed it! We planned twelve exhibitions over the year (one per month). The hanging team took delivery, hung, took down and rehung the gallery twelve times! 

Every exhibition had to have entry forms and advertising material designed, and up and out there, in time for each new exhibition. It was a huge job! I wore so many hats it made me dizzy. But it was fun. Firm friendships were forged, and lots of lessons learned. 

It is a constant wonder to me that no matter how much you think you know, there is still so much more to learn. I love that!

I’m stepping back a bit this year so I can get on with my own arts practise and writing schedule. And although it wasn’t something I set out to do at the beginning of last year ... as so often is the case ... one creative adventure leads into another and the time you give is rarely lost. In the end you are the sum of your many [and varied] parts. 

Hope you enjoy the video. It still makes me smile!

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