A Rainy Day In The Marais

There curled up with the books I could while away the day In the warmth of merci café In the heart of le Marais   I don’t know much about the Marais [sounds like mah - ray] except that it rains there quite a lot [grin] The rain gives this small...

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A Simple Kind Of Happy

I'm plonking this here in the middle of my Paris sojourn… not because I necessarily want to but because I feel that I need to. I penned these words earlier this week and then thought twice about posting them because it seemed to be on such a low note.   But it's important...

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When It Rains In Paris It Pours

The last few days have been eventful. Last night the bathroom door slammed shut with the wind and [somehow incredibly locked itself] leaving us without conveniences I’d rather not discuss right now [grin] It took until midnight for three burly blokes [all tradesmen] to settle on the radically inspired idea...

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Paris Time

"Some days you just kind of ache for Paris. It’s not Paris itself of course. But what Paris means in your heart. Some places grow fonder in your memory because you were there and you struggled [with the strangeness… the language… the people… and the place] alone… but not lonely…...

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My Studio - My World

I don’t have a studio. Not one that many people would recognize anyway. You see… my studio is in my heart and my heart is in the wind. Sometimes I think I’d like to have one… a studio I mean… I already have a heart [grin] but maybe its better...

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The Story of Modi's Girl

Modi's Girl gouache 22 x 30 Jeanne so loved Modigliani that she gave her life for him.  She also gave the life of their unborn child. It was a desperate act of passion. Passion can do that to a person.  Here's why I think we need passion.  Even if it...

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