A Simple Kind Of Happy

I'm plonking this here in the middle of my Paris sojourn… not because I necessarily want to but because I feel that I need to. I penned these words earlier this week and then thought twice about posting them because it seemed to be on such a low note.   But it's important...

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Chasing The Light

Light. That beautiful transient thing. Artists have always chased it. Poets and lovers have too. Because light reveals an object. It tells the truth of a thing! In art and in life ... to 'see the light'... is to understand as if for the very first time [how darkness and light...

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Why Watercolour?

Why watercolour? People ask me that all the time [like they think I have a choice] ;) But don’t worry I’ve asked myself the same thing many times over the years and still can’t come up with a decent answer why [well certainly not a short one anyway!] I mean…...

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