• THE PAINTING OF 'Sunset Stripes' and 'A Spot in the Sun'
  • Jean Burman
THE PAINTING OF 'Sunset Stripes' and 'A Spot in the Sun'


"Sunset Stripes" and "A Spot in the Sun" were painted recently in my little PopUp studio. They are the last two in a series of four paintings in the Castaways Series.

You can check the others out here! 

It's taken me awhile to edit the footage and get it just right [remembering of course that nothing is EVER perfectly right just in case you were wondering] [grin]

I was awfully tempted to shorten them both ... but then I thought ... no ... I wanted to take you there ... into the painting ... into the space ... into the music ...in pretty much real time [okay well ... sped up a bit in places!]  

I hope you enjoy watching these gorgeous girls come to life as much as I enjoyed painting them!  

Let me know what you think ... 

ps... don't forget your headphones ... let the music work its magic ;) 





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  • Jean Burman

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