• Hope
  • Jean Burman

Someone once said that when we say “I hope so” we secretly expect to fail. That “to hope so” implies a lack of confidence or surety and that we have to do more than simply hope. I don’t agree. I think hope implies belief. Belief in things about to happen! To...

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We can’t sit back and let life affect us and then say nothing about the effect. To do so would assume that none of us has ever had to face the kind of challenges that at first looked bigger than us. I say ‘at first’ looked bigger… because most challenges...

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You can’t talk about stuff you haven’t experienced first hand. You can’t even begin to imagine it. You have to feel it... see it... hear it… and ultimately live through it yourself... before you can honestly say "hey I’ve been there… I know what that feels like… here... take my hand we...

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To wonder is to see the world through magical eyes. It's little wonder we don’t see much wonder in the world today… but that's precisely why we should try to. Because to keep your sense of wonder… to keep noticing the beautiful and the good... [even though the world out there...

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 Because… when you find passion… and I don’t mean passion for something or someone… but passion for life… for that “state of being” where you live for love… where you give all you’ve got with no holding back… where you dig deep into your core for whoever it is that...

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Je suis Jean

To get to the next chapter you must be willing to turn the page. There you will find your own story – Jean Burman That’s what I love about being an artist writer and creator of stuff. When the going gets tough the writer comes into her own. She’s the...

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A Rainy Day In The Marais

There curled up with the books I could while away the day In the warmth of merci café In the heart of le Marais   I don’t know much about the Marais [sounds like mah - ray] except that it rains there quite a lot [grin] The rain gives this small...

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In Pursuit of Magic

A gentle breeze blows in as the clear opalescent waters of the Coral Sea wash lazily over my feet. The sun beats down in blissful harmony on this jetlagged traveller still struggling with the switch in time zones across three continents. Sitting here in the shallows on this gorgeous spring...

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