and welcome to my little corner of the world. I’m going to try (very hard) to keep the experience you have here super simple and easy to navigate. I will not be pretending for a moment that my world is perfect, and all that you see is exactly as it is. Life is life for all of us. Art is art. We each see how we see.

But here you will find the life I found. The way I see it. The simple. The beautiful. The ordinary things that matter most to me. The slow words and gentle places of my heart. The pared down paradise of warm sand and aqua beach … of days, long and balmy, beneath the coconut thatch … of gentle moments in another time … and places I have been to and lost some part of my heart to.

This is my world.

I welcome you to choose a piece of it to call your own and cherish as I do. Hold it close. Let the words seep in, and the colours ignite. My wish is that you find a quiet space here in the midst of a troubled world. Words to soothe, encourage and ponder over. Pictures to reawaken dreams and transport to imaginary places made real by the sweep of a brush. This is my warmest wish for you.