"Most of us want to leave the planet knowing we have done something for somebody somewhere. If I can do that with my art… my words… my ideas… my time… and with all the love I can give… my heart will be filled to overflowing. That’s enough. I think. I hope. For now" ~ Jean Burman 

Jean is an artist, writer, photographer and creative filmmaker, living and working in tropical North Queensland, Australia.

She is a founding patron of the Cairns Regional Gallery and the James Cook University Cairns Campus and remains a keen supporter of the arts and organisations which foster a love for the arts and learning.

Jean has been painting in watercolour since 1992 when she picked up a brush and simply began to paint. As a child she loved to draw and colour “illuminated manuscripts” which masqueraded as composition writing homework for the little girl who didn’t own a paint box [yet]. She also loved to read, and grew up inside the graphic novels and storybooks that continue to ignite her imagination today.

“Pretty much everything I have ever learned I have taught myself. Sure, there have been huge influences along the way and I have many to thank for that. I have been lucky enough to have studied, both here in Australia and abroad, with some of the world’s best watercolour artists, and their huge influence and ongoing encouragement over the years is valued more than I can say.

But in the end [I think] you come back to yourself. I believe we all have an innate signature style; a handprint, if you like, which is indelibly ours.

These days I see a clear pattern running through my work. Regardless of whether I am writing, painting, taking photographs, or film ....there I am. I see no difference. No conflict. It’s a style I guess … a simple vision of who I am and what I try to do in my creative practice.

I have always been someone who, when the need arises, finds a way to do something. I tend to shun the formal process. This has proven to be both a blessing and a curse, with many a frustrating hour wasted in reinventing the wheel “my way”. However it has also taught me much about myself, and how I roll creatively. I am a firm believer that anyone can do anything; that if you simply try and, despite the inevitable setbacks, keep trying, you will eventually find your own way"

 Jean Burman 2017