It’s been 10 years since I began writing here at the blog. I remember how anxious I felt starting off. What on earth would I write about? Would I run out of ideas? How much is too much? How much is too little?

It’s a fine line you have to walk but in the end you can only “be yourself” and I have always tried to be that!

As it turned out … some version of all of the above did come to pass over those 10 years and the sky didn’t fall in!

In the beginning I wrote about everyday things. This soon lapsed into current affairs as I [re-discovered] the activist long-buried beneath an ordinary life. It was a controversial time with loads of differing opinions turning up in the gorgeous and deeply rich conversations that followed in the comments.

In many ways I miss those conversations … difficult as they sometimes were to negotiate! Somehow they made me bolder in voicing what I believed in… what I understood to be true … and what that meant for all of us in a rapidly changing world.

It also taught me a lot about you! I loved how you listened to my [occasional] rants and how you gave me a [beautiful] piece of your mind!

Thank you so much for that! Your thoughts … ideas … opinions … and friendship has meant more to me than I can say.

Over the years the blog has seen me through thick and thin. Occasionally when events overwhelmed me … I stopped … but I didn’t stop writing.

I continue to write every … single … day.

I paint every other day too.

Technology has changed a lot in the ten years since I started blogging and it’s natural I guess for us to want to go with the flow.

I love Instagram! This simple no fuss platform has allowed me to share my love of photography … words … film … and paint. If you haven’t found me there yet click here to take a look. You can also set up an account of your own [very easily] and FOLLOW @jeanburman to stay in touch!

I am less and less inclined towards Facebook these days. More and more [I believe] platforms like Facebook will become obsolete as they increasingly fail to connect people in deeper more meaningful ways. Sometimes it fails to connect people at all! I don’t know about you … but if I am going to spend time communicating with like-minded people … I want those people to be able to find me consistently in their newsfeed [and vice versa] and not be hidden behind some self-serving algorithm that interests itself only in the marketing bottom line. Enough said! You know that activist I mentioned earlier? Well … I think she’s back!

And all that writing I was talking about too ... you know the stuff I’ve been writing when I wasn’t writing here? Well… it will be appearing here soon as well.

I have a book coming out soon too!!

Entitled “The Elegant Art of Going It Alone ~ a balm for the soul of women who leave” … it’s an inspirational book designed for women who simply know when enough is enough. The book … in many ways … is the culmination of what I wish I had known when this all happened to me. Back then there were no words … no balm for the soul … no book of comforting advice to encourage me forward. So I decided to write it!

I also have some other exciting projects that I can’t wait to share with you! They have been a little while in the pipeline … but sometimes these are the best kinds of projects … like fine wine left in oak barrels to mature and grow gloriously rich before being uncorked and enjoyed by all.

I hope you’ll join me!

Chin chin

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PS this post was prompted by the wonderful Derek Sivers who initiated the “what I’m doing now” idea for those of us who’ve been around awhile, having morphed and changed in the process of our online presence. All of the above [and what follows from here] is my humble offering!